Turbo Binary Options

turbo binary optionsIn the world of binary options, it pays out to be innovative – turbo binary options are the perfect example. Between a cool sounding name, straightforward mechanism and some good advertising, they are poised to take the market by the storm. Most “short-term” binary options expire in 60 seconds, while turbo options can take only a quarter of that time to “mature”… Because 60 seconds is too long for those who can’t handle the suspense.

Turbo power

Seriously, despite their hype, turbo binary options are basically high/low options that expire extremely fast. Some take 15 seconds, other up to 5 minutes, dangerously encroaching on short-term binary options’ territory. All you need to do is figure out whether the price of a financial instrument will be higher or lower than the given figure, place your bet and boom! You’ll know the outcome in a few seconds. There are several advantages to this type of binary options. Sure, long-term binary options can yield a greater return, but the volume of trading that can be achieved via turbo binary options has a higher return potential for both brokers and successful binary options traders. If you get the trend right, instead of one long-term binary option, you could bet 10, 15 times in quick succession. The return is rarely over 65%, due to the limited amount of funds in the game. Otherwise, standard conditions apply; either your binary options expire in the money or not.

Why go for turbo binary options?

Apart from the increased trading volume, many people are drawn by the fact that turbo binary options are extremely unpredictable; one glitch at an opportune moment, one price shift, and you are in business. The maturity rate is short, but every second brings you the rush the like you might not get anywhere else. This instant gratification is being compared to playing the roulette, except roulette is a lot easier to rig. Why do people go for these things? Because they are fun! Waiting for hours can be tedious, not to mention time-consuming, whereas you can make hundreds of bets at the same time, winning (or losing) many times what you normally would. Plus, the probability of foul play is far lower, and not just in rigging the outcome; you’ll know in a matter of minutes if your broker is legit, dramatically decreasing your exposure to unwanted risks. Plus, at such short intervals, most indicators are worthless, so it kind of evens the playing field.

Are turbo options that great?

Not necessarily. They are only offered on a limited number of financial instruments, in order to ensure sufficient capital is at play, plus there are only so many financial instruments liquid (and volatile) enough to work on turbo binary options. Turbo binary options are all about the feeling in your gut; there is no strategy, no time to think – just pick an outcome and place a bet, so it is sort of like gambling, but who cares? It’s fun!

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