One touch binary options


The one touch binary option is one of many types of binary options available on the financial markets today, but it seems to be gaining in popularity, surpassing even other, more diverse options. The reasons are many, ranging from their simplicity (even in comparison with the other binary options), availability (they can be found on almost any trade platform dealing with binary options, even if this is not its primary purpose), and all […]

Regulated BO Brokers: Pros and Cons

binary options demo account - alert for broker scams

Regulated binary options brokers are few and far between. By reading the impressions of traders in blogs and reviews, you’d think 99% of brokers are crooks, incompetent, or both. The truth is not as severe as that, although nobody is going to deny that there are many unregulated brokers out there and there’s even more people got burned by those guys. Also, it is not uncommon that a rookie who lost a lot of […]

How to Choose a Binary Options Broker

One of the most important things to do regarding binary options trading is choosing the right binary options broker. Binary options market has seen a sharp expansion in recent years, and this means the number of brokers has also increased. The greater choice of anything is usually perceived as better, but the number of things that could go wrong is increased as well. From inept brokers to crooks in disguise, there is a […]

Binary Options: Supply and Demand

binary options demo account - stock market

When it comes to binary options, most people find it curious that their prices shift as much as they do; they rarely remember that the price of binary options is being influenced by supply and demand, bids and offers. Every time you buy a binary option on a financial instrument, you need to ask yourself: is the price of the asset going to be higher or lower than the target price? Whether your […]

Binary Options History


Binary options history is short and relatively sweet. Every binary options trader has that point in their life when they wonder: how did this all come to be? Even though the premise of getting a fixed return for one’s investment isbinary options history nothing new in modern financial markets, it wasn’t until binary options became widespread that such a premise proved itself more than a mere […]