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Binary Options are also known as Fixed Return Options or FROs. This is very different from traditional investment as in this investors are only required to predict the direction of an asset movement to gain a profit or to complete a successful trade. The binary options market has expanded rapidly in the last few years largely due to the growth of the market economy. Most of the countries have accepted market economy as a token to financial prosperity and this has prompted the growth of the huge marketplace where there is enough scope of earning millions of dollars every week by rationally trading the stocks of the companies. It is true that investors can easily secure some good profits in the business but they have to be careful about their trade in order to get the desired payout. It requires knowledge and use of strategies to choose the right method to gain profit in long term. There are different types of binary options trading methods that traders can make use of in order to have the best possible return on their investment.

Binary Options Guide – Up/Down Options

Binary Options Guide - Call/PutThe Up/Down option is very common type of binary option in the market and is invested in by a large number of people. It is the conventional form of binary options and is also known as the Call/Put Option. All that traders need to do is to predict the probable movement of the price of the underlying asset after the expiry time. He can place a Call Option if he thinks that the price will move up or he can place a Put Option if he thinks that the price will move down. He can also choose an expiry time according to the market condition. The trader gets a good return if the actual movement of the asset’s price matches his prediction.

Binary Options Guide – Touch Options

Binary Options Guide! One touch optionsTouch Option is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative binary options trading method in the market at present. While trading in conventional options people can earn 70 to 80 percent payout on an average, in Touch Options the payout can be high to 500 percent. It is only possible to buy the Touch Options in the weekend when the market is closed. The option is traded throughout the next week, thus providing the traders with 5 chances to gain a huge amount of money.

Types of Touch Options

There are mainly three types of Touch Options available in the market – One Touch Options, No Touch Options and Double Touch Options:

In One Touch Option money is paid when the price touches the predetermined level.

No Touch Option pays money when the price fails to touch the predetermined level.

Double Touch Option pays money when any one of the two predetermined levels is reached.

Binary Options Guide – 60 Seconds Options

Binary Options GuideThe 60 Seconds Option has become hugely popular in the last few years especially among those who want to earn some hefty profits within a very little time. This is a new and dynamic trading innovation in the market which is very useful specially for novice traders. The main advantage of 60 Seconds Option is that this trade expires every sixty seconds, thus leaving ample chance for the trader to enhance the profit potential to a large extent, range from 65-75%. On many Sixty Second Options trader can invest as little as $5 per trade. In a single day the investor can enter a large number of trades and can take home a high level of profit quite easily.

Binary Options Guide – Boundary Options

Binary Options GuideIn the Boundary Options the upper limit and the lower limit of the probable price movement is determined. Traders can have some good payouts if they are able to trade carefully and rationally. The trade ends in money if the price ends within the boundary. This method is ideal both for a stable market and for a volatile market. With the growth in the demand of Binary Options Trading, this trading method has become the personal favorite of many.

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