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one touch binary
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The one touch binary option is one of many types of binary options available on the financial markets today, but it seems to be gaining in popularity, surpassing even other, more diverse options. The reasons are many, ranging from their simplicity (even in comparison with the other binary options), availability (they can be found on almost any trade platform dealing with binary options, even if this is not its primary purpose), and all the way to being perceived as more lucrative than other types of financial instruments.

What are one touch binary options?                    

One touch binary options are special types of binary options. Like other binaries, one touch binary options offer fixed payout based on a certain outcome, as well as conditions being met within the allotted time period. It is the conditions that separate them from other binary options. Unlike most binary options, whose time period is actually a reference point, one touch binary options come with an expiration date that befits its name. Regular binary options pay out if the conditions are met at the moment they expire, while one touch binary options offer payout if the conditions have been met by the moment they expire. This means the price need only meet the boundary once in order to make money, unlike regular binary options which require that the price stays that way until the end. This may make things seem easy, but it all depends on the conditions themselves being set realistically. Nevertheless, one touch binary options are as simple and profitable as binary options get, being cheaper than double one touch binary options, but I digress.


One touch binary options can be found on almost any trading platform on the market. Being highly sought-after, one touch binary options offer a nice income even to brokers who would not otherwise deal in binary options at all. However, since they can be placed on the price of almost any commodity, currency or asset (or even on an outcome of an event), brokers who deal in such instruments often feel encouraged to expand their business with minimal effort. One thing, though: due to their status as the over-the-counter financial products they share with the rest of binary options, there is relatively little regulation on one touch binary options at this point. This is why there are many crooks looking for an easy target to rob, so you might want to be careful who you do business with.

Are one touch options worth your while?

That depends. While their outcome may seem more certain, few brokers will offer deals on target prices which can be easily met, or offer bets on anything they think might cost them money. It is common sense, after all. However, the same could be said to any type of binary option, so one touch version definitely holds an edge in this regard. Skilled investors can make thousands of dollars a day without breaking a sweat. Are you one of them?

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